Who doesn’t want to enjoy a fantastic opportunity to enjoy twinkling stars, beautiful scenery, and plenty of unpolluted, fresh air? It is an escape from daily monotonous routine where you spend uninterrupted time with Mother Nature and explore the more natural state of mind. You might be looking for some ideas to avail of the time by doing fun activities out there. It entirely depends on one’s taste. Some people opt for gadgets and games.

Others want to relax in the woods deeply and spent all the time in the sky and stargazing. Some go for camping and carry every camping equipment they might need. From gourmet foods and gadgets, they bring along every game and sport to keep themselves busy. Here is a brief guide to ideas you may need to spend your time in the best possible way.


If you’re lucky enough to find perfect weather and a pond or lake near you, then swimming is an excellent option. You will need swimming accessories like tubes and inflatable rafts. Unknown water bodies can be deceptive for swimmers, so always be cautious. Don’t jump or dive when you’re not certain of depth. For safety hazards, check the weather and flow ahead of time. Don’t leave kids unsupervised. Play safely and respect nature.

Nature Photography

If you’re a memory hoarder kind of person and want to save those glorious moments, then nature photography is what you will be doing. This fascinating camping activity needs such fancy lenses and costly camera as long as you’re observing nature. Your cellphone cameras are not only portable, compact, handy, but affordable as well. A creative and artistic mind is deeply satisfied after capturing tiny details in dewdrop, leaf, or spider web. You can avail of the chance to bring on your creativity by capturing and sharing your experience.

Scavenger Hunting

You can engage kids in activities like a scavenger hunt. Set children in finding the objects that can be found near your campsite. You can educate the children about the basic skill of plant identification. Or you can ask them to collect stones, pinecones, leaves, sticks, and flowers.

The assignment of activity depends on the kid’s age, ability, and camping site. For elder kids, you can make a specific list of crow feathers, birch bark, or maple leaf. You can make it a bit more creative by asking them to capture a picture of specific bird species, frogs, or flowers.

Try to make the activity cooperative rather than competitive. And ask kids to stay in the specified area

Rock Skipping

If the weather is too cold to swim, then rock skipping is the second-best option. It is a surprisingly excellent activity to perform while camping. Ask children to find suitable rocks for this thrill. Rocks that fit comfortably in hand and are round or flat are suitable for rock skipping. This is an old age activity to spend time. Make sure no people are swimming or fishing at the site of activity, or you can accidentally hurt people

Make camping plans more often and enjoy the adventure; nature has to offer. Also, if you like to watch deer, turkey, and wildlife be sure to check out Security Cameras Austin.